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Q: What does is cost to register my group? A: Use our calculator to get an estimate on conference registration fees for your group: Click here to calculate!  
Q: What’s included with Registration?

A: Every registrant gets access to all conference events during January 3-6, 2024 conference dates. That’s over 100 performances, clinics, and presentations in 4 days! See the schedule

Q: do I need to be a JEN member to attend the conference?

A: No, it’s not necessary to be a JEN member to register, but you pay more and you won’t get any membership perks! If you’re not a member, or your membership is expired, and would like to renew/join JEN, head on over to jazzednet.org/join and select the membership that is right for you. Once you checkout, you can come back here and register your group.

Q: Do all of my students, staff, or department need to be JEN members to register for the conference? 

A: Yes, but no worries!  If your students are in middle school or high school, they will get FREE 1-year memberships automatically just by registering for the conference. If you are registering college students or adults for the conference, you can add memberships as part of the registration process. Chaperones DO NOT need to be JEN members.

Q: What are your membership prices?


  • $0 (FREE) – yJEN or Youth (for students in high school or middle school)
  • $35 (reg. $65) – eJEN or “electronic” (recommended for college students) – SPECIAL CONFERENCE RATE 
  • $125 – full individual or chapter organizer (recommended for directors)

Chaperones do NOT need to be JEN members

Q: Can I pay for memberships as part of the registration process?

A: Yes, you can pay for memberships for college students and adults (educators & directors) as part of the process. There is a space on the registration form for this. Chaperones DO NOT need to be JEN members.

Q: How do I pay for registrations & memberships?

A: Click the button below and follow the instructions on the group registration page. We will email you or your billing agent an invoice which you can pay electronically with a credit card or by mail with a check or PO. Payment or PO must be received no later than December 10, 2023.

Additional questions? Email support@jazzednet.org