Jazz Supports Language Arts & Math

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We’re so excited you’re here with us! For questions, contact mari@jazzslam.com.

INSTRUCTIONS (follow these steps):


  1. PRE-PRESENTATION QUIZ:  Offer your students the brief Pre-Presentation. Access to your presentation is provided in the link to the right in the Downloads box.
  2. PRESENT JAZZSLAM:  Choose from the presentation options below:
    • 1-SESSION OPTION: The program is meant to be offered as an hour-long presentation.
    • 2-SESSION OPTION:  If this does not fit your class scheduling or your students’ attention level, you can pause it & show it in 2 sessions.
      • 00:00 – 35:38   SESSION 1
        • Accompanying Activities 1 – 9
      • 35:39 – 59:56    SESSION 2
        • Accompanying Activities 10 – 18
    • 3-SESSION OPTION: If you need to show it in 3 sessions, here is the recommended breakdown:
      • 0:00 – 24:36   SESSION 1
        • Accompanying Activities 1 – 6
      • 24:37 – 41:20  SESSION 2
          • Accompanying Activities 7 -13
      • 41:21 – 59:56  SESSION 3
          • Accompanying Activities 14 – 18
  3. POST-PRESENTATION QUIZ: Have your students complete the Post Presentation Quiz (link in Download box to the right)
  4. POST-PRESENTATION ACTIVITIES: Available in the Download box to the right.


  1. The purpose of both the brief Pre and Post Quiz is to measure the impact of using jazz/music to support the teaching of academics to 4th and 5th graders.
  2. PLEASE give the quiz BEFORE your students watch JazzSLAM, AND give it again AFTER. It can be administered in any way you see fit. (Examples: “heads down on your desk or table, and raise your hand if the answer is True,”  OR online, as “Heads down & raise your hand in the Chat Room if True”)


JazzSLAM (Jazz Supports Language Arts & Math), is a super fun, interactive program that introduces young minds to jazz and provides a unique way of viewing American history through the lens of jazz. After twenty years of live presentations to thousands of students, JazzSLAM is now able to reach young people anywhere in the world through a 1-hour pre-recorded presentation! Best of all, JazzSLAM is FREE

Celebrating diversity and fostering respect for the African American jazz heritage, JazzSLAM engages ALL students, regardless of individual challenges or musical abilities. In addition to teaching students about jazz, JazzSLAM supports language arts, math, social studies, critical thinking, problem-solving and test-taking strategies through the Aural, Visual, and Tactile (multiple Intelligence) benefits inherent in music.

Your students will soar joyfully out of their everyday world as they participate in activities such as a “Rhythm Orchestra.” And they will become more engaged in their academics! In addition to a Teacher’s Guide, teachers will receive 17 post-presentation activity ideas.


JazzSLAM was created by Mari Mennel-Bell. Mari holds a Masters in Social Work and a dual Masters in Music (K-12) and Elementary Education (K-6). The concepts for JazzSLAM began percolating when she was an intern at The Children’s Television Network in NYC. She also envisioned a method of teaching language arts through “dancing lyrics” — lyrics that appear on screen in the contour and rhythm of the melody. When JazzSLAM moved from live to a virtual, pre-recorded presentation, she seized the opportunity to incorporate this concept into the pre-recorded presentation.