The Renewal Fund Campaign
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What will be RENEWED this year through your participation in JEN?

Spring signals turned corners. It is a time to bust brackets, launch festivals, and bestow awards; a period for end-of-school performance stress, announcing new educational beginnings, or ending programs of study. For the Jazz Education Network, spring marks our moment for RENEWAL – acknowledging the successes of our past while gathering forward momentum to continue the education and impact of the Black American and global jazz music traditions. It is our drive to make new this artform over and over again.

The setting for what is to come holds new challenges and opportunities for making music moving forward. A COVID-endemic world has taught us how to pivot and digitize. The continued movements for social justice and culturally inclusive equity deepen our understanding and connection to the music. An exposed fragility in our performance ecosystem calls for novel ways to connect audiences, where resilience goes beyond just restoration. JEN turns the corner of this spring into a new landscape for our work and mission.

As a nonprofit arts organization, this mission is fully realized through the contributions of you: our members, student chapters, sponsors, and donors. Your volunteered time brings the annual conference to life. Your advocacy impacts year-round programming and cultural discussions. Your research broadens perceptions and understanding in our field. Your financial donations – in any amount! – collectively ensures that JEN is properly staffed and resourced, benefitting generation after generation to the legacy of jazz education while being enabled to actively shape its future.

This spring, how will your RENEWED pledge of support be multiplied? We seek not only a goal of $30,000 to further the recovery of pandemic impacts but also 10,000 pledged volunteer hours to fully realize the JEN programming in our individual communities year-round.

What changes will you navigate? What corners will you turn?

What will be RENEWED this year through your participation in JEN?


$100 – A gift of $100 can support a full JEN membership for an aspiring artist educator to join the network of those more established in the field.

$250 – Scholarships Awards: A gift of $250 can help support a student scholarship award recipient to  attend the next JEN Conference.

$500 – JAZZ2U Grants/Community Engagement: Assist in funding a speaker, clinician, or performer, at any event that will  bring jazz to new or existing audiences via schools, community centers, performances or informances by  quality performers and advanced educators. This  program impacts thousands of students across the  country.

$1000 – Digital programming: Jazz Education Network Webinars has allowed our artist educator network to stay  active, keeping all of us connected with access to quality online programs that are relevant during these  challenging times. A gift of $1000 will help cover operational costs to continue bringing digital programs to the  jazz community.

$1500 – Program Support: A gift of $1500 can fund a student award recipient a full-ride scholarship to attend and participate in the annual JEN conference.

$2500 – Program Support: A gift of $2500 can help us keep our dedicated team who has worked over the  past year to keep Jazz Education Network programs and daily operations afloat.


$30,000 in Donations

JUNE 30, 2022

$5,001 of $30,000 raised

10,000 Pledged Volunteer Hours

238 hours of 10,000 pledged
238 hours 10,000 hours

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The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by

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